The Weston Master II

The second of the Weston Master series, this meter was being produced at Newark NJ in 1946 and Sangamo Weston in Enfield, Middlesex a little later. It is made of aluminium alloy with water tight seals with a much improved slimmer magnet and coil assembly. The US model was made in black and a possible cheaper grey variant.

The photos on the right show meter model S141(UK model number, the 735 in US) serial A63668 It is in perfect condition and still accurate to better than 1/2 stop.

These meters use the Weston film speed system - the equivalent of ASA and ISO. Perhaps the most esthetically pleasing model and certainly better made than the III, it outsold all other models in the Master range.

The US made version was in a black or dark grey metal finish - again superbly made. This meter,serial 8531363, is accurate and in "as new" condition. The leather case which is also in beautiful condition is marked "Diamond" and was presumably made by someone else for the Weston meter although the inside red baize finish is identical to Weston made cases.

This Invercone fitted this model and the Master II only.