This meter, a slightly modified Master IV, was produced in the UK it by Sangamo Weston in Enfield from 1973 until 1980 when the company decided to cease production of exposure meters.

A former manager at Sangamo Weston, John Gahagan, bravely set up East Kilbride Instruments to continue manufacture but without the Weston name - the dial has just "Euro-Master" and the rear plate has no Weston reference. Manufacturing continued until July 1984 when that company went into liquidation.

Manufacturing was continued by Megatron, initially using parts from East Kilbride until October 1985 when the Euromaster 2 was introduced.

The picture shows model S461-6 serial 5999 0 manufactured at Enfield. This was purchased from a boot fair in Essex for 4.00 boxed as new with instructions, leather case and invercone.