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Research was carried out using the web,various books and through conversations and material provided by ex-employees of Ilford Ltd who at one time were distributors of Weston meters.

I have tried not to include any specifically copyrighted material but a couple of the more unusual pictures and information I have found on other sites I have used - rather than linking to pages that may disappear at any time. Where I have been able to contact the site owner, they have without exception been generous enough to allow me to do this - in the spirit of the internet and to our mutual benefit. If I have included anything from a site you maintain and you have the copyright and are not prepared for it to be used on this site, let me know and I will take it off.

When I began to create this site I thought there would be plenty of information about the most famous exposure meter in the world, but there is remarkably little in the public domain. If you have any information at all that is not mentioned on this site, I would be most grateful if you would allow me to use it. Incidentally, you are most welcome to use any of the material on this site.

I do hope you find the site useful.