The Weston 850 Photronic Exposure Meter. They came compete with a leather case and integral black cloth strap. Dimensions of metre: 5.5cm x 7cm (2.25” x 2.75”). Made of hard black plastic with a glass front, the light-sensitive cell is on the back surface and beneath this slightly recessed and in relief is ‘WESTON ELEC. INST. CORP. NEWARK, NJ. USA’. There are a number of scales on the display: (from bottom to top) Light intensity with needle indicator; Emulsion / Speed; f: Stops. Between the f: Stops and the Emulsion / Speed scales is an inner window which shows TIME and LIGHT, which can be adjusted using the silver-metal flat dial on the top of the metre. The leather case is made of rigid leather, having an extra leather block to the back for threading onto a belt - trendy in those days - 1938.