This is a gorgeous Candlepower Illumination Meter, made by the Weston Company. Not just a meter but a piece of history. It was used to measure light intensity on movie sets, back in the late 30's,and 40's. It is in perfect condition, and still operates. It is in its original leather carry case, which is also in nice condition. The "paddle", measures the light source and the meter reads it in footcandles. It has a range switch mounted on its side, which also works very well.it requires no batteries to function.

This meter was originally owned by the late Ernest Haller, the DP (director of photography) of the movie he photographed in 1939, called "Gone With The Wind". Bernie Zuch had the pleasure of working with him in 1971 - he was a sound engineer on a project with Haller, and they became good friends. Haller gave him this meter as a gift and told Zuch that this was one of 3 meters he used on the infamous "Gone With The Wind" project. The stars were Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh. Mr. Haller replaced the original DP, Lee Garmes, who was fired after almost 5 weeks from the start of filming on Jan.26th 1939. Bernie Zuch kept it since then. My thanks to him for allowing me to tell it's story, and for the photographs.