The weston Model E.703 is a Lightometer rather than an exposure meter as such. It reads light values (foot candles) but there is no mechanism to convert them to exposure settings using shutter speeds, apertures and file speeds. This neat little unit measures 4 5/8" high by 2 5/8" wide with a depth of 1 7/16" and weights in at 12 ounces. In the UK where it was made it was sold with a leather case for £3, 7 shillings and six pence. That's just under £3.40!


The label on the US model to the right also says type 7, 100 FC, Viscor & Cosine Filter, serial # 38554. It was made by the Weston Instruments Division of Daystrom, Inc.; The meter has a removable screen to provide greater sensitivity in low light.

It appears that US based Sight-Light produced a series of exposure meters based on this model.







A Weston branded USA made 703 Model 60 is shown opposite.


Also, a model branded BENJAMIN Lightmeter was made by Sangamo Weston at Enfield - thanks to David Unwins for the information and pictures. It appears to be the same as the UK made E703 with the rectangular base and the dial shown it is made by Sangamo Weston in Enfield. The Weston branded meter is on the far right.