Before Weston produced the first of the Master series in 1939 they had produced a number of successful meters culminating in the beautiful Photronic 650 - shown right. As you can see, the 650 is a superb example of Art Deco. Amazingly, examples of the 650 can still be had for as little as $12 although a model in first class condition will cost around $45. These metes were produced in Newark by the then Weston Electrical Instrument Corporation and bear 1934 patents. They were first produced in 1935.

The photo shows meter No 1850756 F7165 bought on ebay from the UK for £26. Another 650, serial 6402352 was bought from New York for $12 and appears to be older despite the lower serial number. Although in only average condition is has a good quality leather case. A third 650, serial 9473280 with an immaculate leather case is in A1 condition and accurate within a stop - amazing for a 65 year old meter! Cost £9.54 from ebay.

Yesterday a 650 in leather case in perfect condition went for $4 !!!!!!!! Unbelievable.

A Brief Guide (PDF)

For a view inside - a see-thru model no less, look at this!